The Square of Virtue

Welcome to my blog.  This is intended to be a porthole of Masonic education and personal experience. If I help one or two of you out along the way that would be cool too. I am a Past Master of a lodge in Pennsylvania as well as a certified Masonic scholar through the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge. I am working to make myself a better person and a better Mason. Maybe you could help me along the way.

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The views and opinions I post on this page are 100% solely mine and are neither sanctioned by or representative of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania or any other Grand Jurisdiction on earth. Feel free to disagree, dissent, counter, depart, or diverge with your own opinion….but do so respectfully.

Level III Master Masonic Scholar Certification – 2013
Past Master in the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania – 2012
Level I Masonic Scholar Certification- 2012
Level II Masonic Scholar Certification – 2012
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Proficiency Award – 2011
Certification in the third degree – 2011
Certification in the second degree – 2010
Certification in the first degree – 2009
Other Masonic Bodies
Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania:
Bedford Royal Arch Chapter No. 255, Bedford, PA

Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction:
Valley of Altoona, Altoona, PA

Shriners International:
Jaffa Shrine, Altoona, PA (Mid-Atlantic Shrine Association)
*Jaffa Provost Guard
*Jaffa Hillbilly Clan No. 74, Altoona, PA

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