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All One Day Class Masons Should Just Quit, Right?

I Guess All One Day Class Masons Should All Just Quit, Right?

If you are a One Day Class Mason, you can probably relate to this post.

If you are a One Day Class Mason, you can probably relate to this post.

I felt the need to write this today to address the seriously pompous attitude that hundreds of our brethren have towards individual One Day Class Masons.  I really feel One Day Class Masons have gone through a belittlement and negative treatment by many brothers that is irresponsible at best, and un-Masonic to say the least.

While I am sure that MOST educated Masons can see the serious flaws of One Day Class events, I am left wondering why in the world the rest of the fraternity does nothing to help the situation, or the misguided brethren they seem to have a problem with.  I see equally worthless traditionally made do-nothing pieces of garbage that have slid through the West gate into our ranks that love to run their mouths about how crappy the One Day Class Mason is, while at the same time doing nothing to help the situation or take it upon themselves to study the landmarks and traditions of the fraternity.

I will be very clear in my distain for the practice of making Masons in one day, but as many of you know, I am a One Day Class Mason myself.  I am bothered more by this than any single human being on this Earth.  What I refuse to claim to be is some sort of a lower form of Mason or otherwise uneducated Mason.  I was led to the One Day Class by existing members.  I knew no difference at the time.

There are a few issues here where I can agree with most people who disagree with One Day Classes.

One Day Classes cheat a member out of a crucial experience that other Masons get. – I agree

One Day Classes often leave new members wondering aimlessly with no direction. – I agree

One Day Classes are designed primarily to boost numbers quickly. – I agree

How is any of the above the individual Mason’s fault?  I’m not talking about what he may or may not do once he finishes the One Day Class.  I am talking about the man who has been led to the One Day Class, often times by a traditionally made Mason.  How is it his fault by simply taking up an offer that was given to him?

Here is what upsets me to no end when surfing online or listening to others degrade the guys who have gone through the One Day Class events:  Often times, the pompous mouth spouting off makes zero distinction between his dislike of the PRACTICE of the One Day Class and the One Day Class Mason himself.  This arrogance is un-Masonic.

Look, It’s no secret that there is trash that comes in with a One Day Class, the real secret, or perhaps the unspoken truth that many of these brothers often forget to touch on, is that there is no lack of garbage that make it in the traditional way too.  This garbage will continue to breed garbage regardless if they are a One Day Class Mason or a traditional Mason.

While it is ok to disagree with the practice of a One Day Class, lumping all One Day Class Masons as a group of noncontributing do-nothing freeloaders is more detrimental to the Craft than anything in my opinion.  Look, I hate One Day Classes, but I will put my dedication, effort, and practice of Freemasonry up against any Mason, any day.

Also, another item to remember is that if you disagree with something so bad, make it known to the powers that can do something about it. Don’t arrogantly belittle a man simply based on his misguided ignorance of how the system was supposed to work.  Don’t anonymously post like a coward on in internet forum. For anyone to post belittling remarks about McMasons or other derogatory labels but not have the stones to discuss it with his District Deputy or Grand Lodge shows your cowardly attitude and lack of willingness to help the Craft.

Put yourself in the shoes of the One Day Class Mason who is trying his hardest to find his way.   What are they supposed to think about the Craft and its membership?  I can’t help but be bothered by the arrogance of some of these guys that are supposedly there to help their brothers.  Some super Masons you all must be.  You must be so far superior to all of us stupid One Day Class Mason’s aren’t you?  Thanks for the brotherly love.

If you read any of my previous blogs, or my book for that matter, you will all see that I believe a new member is a new member is a new member.  Yes, One Day Class’s have negatives in so many respects, but no new member is going to be so far advanced and educated beyond all expectations that they will be able to digest the ritual in which they took part in and understand it fully.   Will they be ahead?  Well, yeah, a little. They have a leg up, for sure, but any new member is not automatically God’s gift to Freemasonry.

While the One Day Class robs the member of the experience of being brought to light properly as well as so many other little things they should experience, I want to challenge any new traditional member to sit across the table from a NEW One Day Class Mason and discuss the ritual.  I bet they will both have a million curiosities that will require further instruction.

You are more than welcome to think our leadership has failed us.  You are more than welcome to disagree with the One Day Class conferrals. But it is not ok to prop yourself up as some super Mason and pretend you are so far superior to other Masons for showing up for 2 additional nights. The One Day Class Mason did not fail us; the fraternity failed us by allowing the practice to happen.   It was up to the fraternity to properly guide men and guard the West Gate and stick only the best leaders in charge.  The fraternity failed here in my opinion.  It was up to the fraternity to properly lead and instruct.  Our fraternity failed.

I disagree with One Day Class’s so much that it makes me angry when they come around, but I also took an oath to help aid and assist the fraternity to the best of my ability ,  to remind my brethren of their failings and to aid in their reformation.  While I disagree with what is happening, I also feel it time for the rest of the membership to take a stand and help correct the course. Educate others so that they too will uphold their obligation to help the fraternity and new member who needed guidance.  Don’t sit back and throw jabs and anonymous smart remarks.

As for the One Day Class Masons: LISTEN UP!  You already have a large portion of the Masonic world who thinks you are less of a Mason.  Sure, maybe they don’t say it to your face, but this feeling is out there, and you are kidding yourself if you think it’s not.  Stop giving them reasons for thinking you are a failure and get your acts together.  Perhaps if you don’t care about the fraternity enough to learn anything about it, then leave.  Get out now.  Resign.  Take a hike.  Go to the Moose.  Join the Lions.  You do no good here.   You aren’t doing the fraternity any good and you aren’t doing yourself any good by wasting money on dues for an organization that you are not using.

But, wait a minute, that line wasn’t just for the One Day Class Mason, it is for all the traditionally made trash we have in our ranks, too.

Here is where you all need to reread that paragraph above again.  Go, do it now.  The Masons who are here, who are reading this blog right now, like you, are doing it because they want to be better Masons.  You are either reading because you are a traditional Mason who saw the title and think you are somehow better than I or any other One Day Class Mason, or possibly you are a One Day Class Mason who saw the title and said, “Wait just a damn minute. I am an awesome Mason.”  You could just be neutral on the whole subject and only care about the true purpose of the Craft, which is self betterment and gaining useful knowledge.  Regardless, you are obviously a little more involved than others if you are taking the time to read about the Craft in your free time.

In other words, the crap bags of the fraternity, the card carriers, the low-lives, and the non-contributors are NOT reading this right now.  The men here, the men reading this, the men sharing this are here because they are actively involved in Freemasonry.  It’s my experience that card carriers and crap-bags rarely read books, let alone search out further information on Freemasonry.  Shouldn’t we focus our displeasure on those guys instead of the active members?

It’s all up to you. If you dislike One Day Classes, the work to end them.  Get on an interview committee and educate a potential candidate about the pit falls of a One Day Class.   If you dislike One Day Classes, then work to educate the men who have been led to them.  If you are tired of the crap we have flowing into the fraternity, then put up or shut up for the love of God.   What you can’t do is belittle the brothers who are trying to earn Freemasonry.  What you can’t do is claim dominance over every One Day Class Mason out there.

I’ve spent 10 years earning Freemasonry and discovering the tools that have been given to me. While, I disagree with the Once Day Class, I have seen the good and the bad in both systems.  Stop the ignorance and start acting like Masons already.  You will see that even though One Day Classes may not be ideal, there is no shortage of successful One Day Class Masons out there.


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  1. 4 March 2014 at 11:31 am

    I’m not a “one day class” guy but I did have my 3rd degree via a “Blue Lightning”. I wish I hadn’t, but I didn’t know any better. I do try to actively steer new guys away from these sort of events. What’s funny to me, is that many of the people in my area who complain about them seem to have come in via a “Grand Master’s Class” which is just a fancy one day deal.

    • 4 March 2014 at 12:01 pm

      Can you explain “Blue Lightning” to me? Either way, we are a brotherhood. We are to support each other. I know my thoughts above may be a little negative, but from my personal perspective, I can’t apologize for any of it. Thanks, for reading and responding brother!

      • 4 March 2014 at 12:10 pm

        Blue Lightning is a one-day class, except that participants must have been initiated previously so it’s only FC and MM. However, the same sort of stuff goes on where only some participants experience the full degree, and others watch.

  2. 5 March 2014 at 9:42 am

    Is there precedents, One day class is just like making a mason on sight. So it is legal. There are some active mason who became master mason from on day classes. If I remember right, Tod Creason (the founder of the Midnight mason) was one of them. So it can work. But then he was brought right into the line.

    Now, you has to consider this. If the purpose of the class is just to bring in due paying members. Then it could be a short term success. My fear is that even when we take one ceremony at time. I have seen a mason who I did not feel was prepared when he became a master mason. He gave returned the degree. They way he returned did not give me the feeling he understood the degree.

    I was lucky, my lodge education program happens after lodge. Where the lodge get together and talk about what it really means to be a mason. There is strong interest in the lodge about teaching and learning in the lodge. Not just doing business.

  3. 6 March 2014 at 1:29 pm

    Read your piece, and while I generally agree with most of what you said about brethren looking down on other brethren because they’re “one-day” Masons, and how this is not Masonic, I can’t help but wonder at your choice of words when it comes to describing other brethren who apparently aren’t as active as you are in the craft.
    Why did you feel it necessary to denigrate those brethren by calling them “trash” or “do-nothing pieces of garbage” and so on? Kind of defeats the points you appear to be trying to make about equality, brotherhood, etc.
    Those brethren may not be active, and they may have a bad attitude towards “one-day” Masons, but that doesn’t detract from them being brothers nonetheless.
    We are taught to be temperate and prudent in all we do… including the language we use. We are also taught to be compassionate towards others, including brethren we may have issues with. Your main points were strong enough that you didn’t have to resort to ad hominem attacks on other brethren. Why cheapen the message?

    • 6 March 2014 at 2:03 pm

      Thanks for the response. And, yes, you are absolutely right. Perhaps I could have chosen other less offensive words than trash or garbage. I appreciate the reality check, and will use your feedback as a reminder of our mission in the future. From my point of view, and my where my frustration comes in, is that regardless of how you were made a Mason, you have the ability to be an asset as well as the ability to be harmful to the craft. To offer any sort of defense, the trash I refer to are the men out there who do far more damage than good. It has nothing to do with the manner in which they were made a Mason or how active they are. To see some of these guys seemingly have a free pass while knowing we have dedicated and equally contributing other members left swinging in defense of there membership is frustration. While we’re to be temperate and prudent, I’m still human, and for that all I can do is strive to improve. My opinions above are just that, my opinions and observations. I do think we have men in our ranks that are simply good for nothing. Not because they aren’t active in every aspect of Masonry, but because some guys simply just aren’t worth the time we give them no matter how much you try to help or direct them. I wish the general membership were sometimes more concerned with those fellas. Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. 6 March 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I sympathize and empathize entirely with your frustration, especially as I have had the same frustration… and still do to a certain extent. For a different way of looking at the situation, perhaps you should check out my most recent blog, in which I offered the brethren of my lodge during an education meeting a bit of a reality check that tackles this frustration. The blog in question is located at http://eastwesttraveller.wordpress.com/

  5. Brian Brock
    8 March 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Is this something PA does or are there other states that allow this? We can’t do that in KY and I’m not sure how I would feel if we did. I have given the FC and MM degrees myself and am getting ready to do an EA, that is a lot of information to throw at someone in one day. We have to give our proficiency in open lodge any time after the degree but 28 days have to pass after each degree before a new one is taken. In my own opinion this is very crucial for new brothers to understand what transpired during their degree and it gives them an opportunity to ask as many questions and usually visit another lodge to see the degree from the side line to further explain the degree.

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