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Peter Guibert’s Trek

Marching in Bedford

Mr. Ray Zimmerman, Mr. Bill Mock, and Bro. Jim Smith pass through Downtown Bedford today. Ray and Jim will walk the entire 200 mile length from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg.

On June 05, 2013 I was fortunate enough to meet up with Bro. Jim Smith and Bro. Duane Myers, PM, who are on a 200 mile trek from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.  Bro. Jim is recreating a trek that started 100 years ago on May 26, 1913.

100 years ago Peter Guibert, a former drummer boy for the 74th Pennsylvania Infantry during the battle of Gettysburg, started out marching from Allegheny City Hall near Pittsburgh on his way to Gettysburg to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the great battle.

The modern 200 mile journey on foot is being re-created by retired mechanical engineer, Bro. Jim Smith, 70, of Greensburg, who is beating the same drum all the way, stopping at various locations along the route.  Today he passed through downtown Bedford, PA.  Upon hearing this I grabbed my camera and ran across town to catch up with Jim and his crew.

Saluting the colors

Stopping at every single American Flag to salute the colors.

Jim is accompanied by Mr. Ray Zimmerman who is walking with him on the journey.  When I caught up to them they were also joined by local historical society member Bill Mock. This was truly an amazing site to see as they stopped at every single American flag hanging on every single porch to salute the colors before starting the roll again on the drum.   In a truck traveling behind them was Bro. Duane Myers, PM and Mr. Dick Mizikar.

Bros. Smith and Myers are members of the Ambrust Veterans Association.  According to their business card they do Military Funerals, Educational Seminars, and School Programs.

Passing through Downtown Bedford

Bros. Duane Myers, PM (left) Adam T. Osman, PM (center) and Jim Smith (Right) in Downtown Bedford.

Jim and Ray are dressed in quasi-period uniforms as they marched through downtown.  Bro. Jim did tell me that they will change to highway clothing, which are florescent yellow/green t-shirts,  as they get to busier sections of road. Jim is using Guiberts actual drum from 1913. Smith said he came by the drum in the early 1980s from a woman named Betty Mower, who had it her attic and almost threw it away given its decrepit condition at the time. Smith said it was so dirty that his wife forbade him to bring it into their house.

There are limited records of the actual trek that took place in 1913, but papers in Gettysburg and Chambersburg reported the arrival of Guibert in their towns.   It is not proven that the original journey took the marchers through Bedford, but it could be likely as the new Lincoln Highway was a main travel route.

Information found online says Peter Guibert who was born in January of 1844. Guibert signed up with the Union Army in Pittsburgh and attached to the 74th Pennsylvania Infantry. He later served with the 77th Pennsylvania until 1865. Guibert was 89 when he died Dec. 7, 1933.

A simple Google search will give you many newspaper reports and articles on this Journey.  If you are lucky enough to live along the Lincoln Highway you too may see Jim Smith and his crew over the next few weeks.

More info on Jims Trek can be found at the following links:




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