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Our Red Triangle – Presentation on Freemasonry and the Holocaust.

square_compassThe Red Triangle

Being a Mason and a big WWII buff I was drawn to the story of Freemason’s during the Holocaust in Nazi occupied countries.  This was a presentation I gave to my lodge in January of 2012.  The information is sited and sourced.  I made all attempts to make sure everything here is factually accurate and provable by sources.  If you find anything that is inaccurate please let me know.   Click the link above to download the PPT presentation.  Please feel free to offer up your thoughts.

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UPDATE: 2/19/2014 – I’ve noticed this presentation several places around the web.  I have no problems with anyone showing or sharing this presentation to lodges and members.  My only request is that you please link back to my page and credit my research accordingly.  I love to see where my thoughts and research end up.  Thank You. – Adam

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