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An Introduction

ImageFriends and Brothers,
Being new to the blog world, I cannot say for sure if my ramblings and writings will take off or be of any help in the Masonic world at large.  I can start off by tell you that I have a deep passion for the Craft of Freemasonry and strive to improve myself as a person and a Mason more and more every day.  Odds are, if you are reading this, you too are like me.  I am writing this as an attempt to hopefully help new members become acquainted with the Craft, and also to offer up my experiences and opinions on Freemasonry.

With that said, the views and opinions expressed here are my own, and you may feel free to decent or disagree with anything I write here.  If I am blatantly incorrect on anything I post here please feel free to correct me.  We are all rough stones striving to become that perfect building block.  I am no different.  Help me knock off my rough edges.

For now, I’d rather keep my identity and exact lodge location private, but who knows, if this takes off I may someday let you in.  What I can tell you is that I am a Master Mason in the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.  I was raised in 2004 while I was in college and have worked my way through the chairs being elected Worshipful Master for 2012.  I am also a Shriner and member of the Scottish Rite (Northern Jurisdiction) in my local valley.

My disclaimer: Although I am extremely active in Blue Lodge, I rarely attend Scottish rite meetings, and for the last couple of years since I have been moving through the blue lodge chairs I have drastically cut back on my Shrine meetings.   I will cover all of this in later writings, but in short, the most important thing to me is my family, not the Masonic fraternity, so if being a good husband and father means budgeting my time, then my first obligation will always go to my family, and my religion. Masonry and Blue Lodge secondary and other bodies when time allows.

I am also currently enrolled in the Academy of Masonic Knowledge though the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.  This program is an unbelievable eye opener for any Pennsylvania Mason seeking further light.  I intend to write extensively on this, so stay tuned on that subject. This is a free program through the Grand Lodge where the member can earn credits towards being a recognized Master Masonic Scholar.  At present I am a level two (of three) scholar.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is education.  Education for you and education for me.  What I have come to find out about Masonry is that we are in serious need for education of our members.  Most Masons can give you a general background of the craft.  Some know a little history, some knows a little about the tools, some can recite the ritual word for word without missing a beat, but the overwhelming majority of the Masonic I personally know have little clue about anything dealing with Freemasonry other than they pay their dues each year and receive a dues card in the mail.

Sure, they are proud to be part of the fraternity, and sure they want to put on the allusion that we are this great and noble society, but in my opinion this can sometimes be more damaging than even the most ardent anti-mason.  After all, an anti-mason has no reason to be educated on the Craft.  They’ll say what they want to say no matter what evidence is presented to them.  A small bit of education can go a long way to improve the craft and educate a non-Mason in the face of ignorance.

For now I will stop, but please stay tuned and check back for more thoughts later.   Remember, if you faithfully observe our principles, the world will observe how Freemasons love one another.

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  1. 19 July 2013 at 2:35 am

    You have a great blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

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